How must the bridge be positioned?

The bridge has a proper position on the instrument.

The ideal position is exactly between the f-holes where the middle of the bridge will lie directly on the imagined line connecting the two f-grooves. Difficulties occur where the neck has not been evenly fitted and a centrally positioned bridge will not be aligned with the fingerboard. The violin builder must find a solution. If he files one side of the bridges foot further down than the other, the impression will be that one side is tipped. In this way it is possible to compensate for an imperfectly aligned neck. The position of the bridge to the bass bar is important. The bridge should not be wider than the distance between the upper f-globes. Here you can find a description and photos on how the bridge should be made and mounted.

Last update on 2011-01-28 by Haat-Hedlef Uilderks.

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