My bow is losing hair!

Special diligence is required in caring for the hairs of your bow.

The thicknesses at the head and the frog of a bow is very slight and cannot withstand additional pressure.

Violin building, bow hair and bow head

After the hairs are bundled, they enter the frog where a wooden wedge is used to fill any spaces. Another wooden plug locks the hair into the head at the other end of the bow.

No glue is used and the wooden wedges must have a perfect fit.

Violin building, bow hair, frog, wedge

A wooden wedge that does not fit properly cannot only cause all of the hairs to fall out at once, but can, as a worst case, also cause the head and the frog to crack. This probably can no longer be repaired.

It is important that you trust your instrument to a qualified violin maker only. When your newly re-haired bow is returned to you, have a good look at the critical areas and point out any problems immediately!

Last update on 2011-01-19 by Haat-Hedlef Uilderks.

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