My varnish has become dull and gummy!

Clean your instrument after every use with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Dont forget to also clean the bow stick. This helps you to preserve the varnish and to go without regular professional cleanings. Where rosin has combined with the varnish the area will feel rough and have a matt finish.

This will require a professional cleaning to remedy. Commercially available cleaners serve only to polish varnish and not to restore tacky and rough varnish.

The Miracle cloth, which is new on the market, is indeed helpful even against stubborn grime without damaging the varnish.

Violin building, cleaning with the Miracle Cloth

Click on this photo for exact instructions!

A critical area is the upper discant rib where the hand rests. Frequent contact to the skin can damage the varnish and sweat can penetrate the belly, back and rib connections and cause a swelling of that area. The wood, too, is compromised by the invasion of acidic moisture. After a professional cleaning a new layer of polish will be required and, depending on the circumstances, special foil must be applied.

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