String Studies

One differentiates between four types of strings:

  • Pure gut strings are still used today in instruments that are played at historical performances. Popular brands include the Pirazzi and Kuerschner companies
  • Gut-core strings are covered in metal (usually silver or aluminum). The highest gut-core string is the a-string. The e-string is always a steel string. For exception see 1). The Pirazzi company manufactures the popular brands Eudoxa and Oliv, please see our online shop at Eudoxa and Oliv
  • Steel-core strings are covered in metal. The Thomastik Company makes the Spirocore or the Superflexible strings, both Jargar and Larsen produce strings for the cello
  • Synthetic-core strings, strings where the synthetic core is covered with silver or aluminum (Thomastik manufactures the Dominant string, Pirazzi manufactures the Tonica/Obligato and Evah strings). Have a look at Dominant string and Tonica/Obligato and Evah.

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