2016-01-12 15:21

New Jargar Superior C and G strings

The danish company Jargar has rounded the Superior strings well.

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2011-03-28 15:26

The professional journal „Ensemble Magazin for Chamber Music” assigns a CD

The “English Doric String Quartet” gets the highest appraisal from the magazine “Ensemble” for playing of three “Korngold String Quartets”.

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2011-03-28 15:20

Tips of the luthier for changing a tailpiece

If a tailpiecehanger tears or if the tailpiece does not work you can get a comprehensible instruction from the luthier how to change the tailpiece yourself.

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2011-02-04 16:40

Happy birthday Musikhochschule Lübeck

100 years Musikhochschule Lübeck. For 30 years we work on the opposite side of the college and observe particularly the development of the string players.

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2011-02-04 15:43

Violinist plays 50 hours non-stop

A Delhian musician made a new record in public performance.

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On the following pages we would like to introduce you to our successful violin, viola, cello and viole da gamba models. Please note that these pages are still under construction!

I am often asked why my instruments do not take part in violin building competitions. For one thing, I find the criteria behind many of these competitions questionable. For another, I would rather invest my time and energy into building my instruments and in this way allow their owners to win the prizes. Thats the way it should be, from the way I see it.

This has happened on many occasions. Uilderk instruments have won the following competitions, among others:

As a little anecdote I would like to add a little something that supposedly took place once: After a concert given by the famous Jascha Heifetz, a music critic full of awe couldnt help but tell him how wonderful his Stradivarius had sounded that night. In response, the master went to his violin case, opened it and bent down to listen carefully and said I dont hear anything! This means nothing else than it is of course the performer who plays the most important role. The instrument plays the second fiddle, so-to-speak. The two must fit together well...

Obviously, my instruments should not only be a great joy for their owners, they should also put them in the position to perform professionally and successfully. In the following countries and ensembles you will find my instruments, although I do no claim that this list is by any means complete!

In addition to Germany and

  • Italy,
  • USA
  • Spain
  • Holland,
  • England,
  • Island,
  • Sweden,
  • Japan,
  • Australia,

They are also played in the following ensembles:

  • The Berlin Philharmonic (Vc)
  • The Munich Philharmonic (solo viola)
  • Deutsche Oper Berlin (solo cello)
  • Symphonic Orchestra Basel (solo cello)
  • German Symphonic Orchestra Berlin (Vc)
  • NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra (Va)
  • The Schwerin State Orchestra (solo viola, among others) (Va/Vc*)
  • The Mannheim State Theater (viola)
  • Staatsorchester Stuttgart(viola)
  • The Göteborg Symphonic Orchestra (viola)
  • The Saarbrücken State Orchestra (viola)
  • The Hamburg Resonanz Ensemble (viola)
  • Mahler Chamber Orchestra (violoncello)
  • Bonnard Trio (Vc)
  • The Young German Philharmonic (violoncello)
  • The Artemis Quartet (violoncello/violin until July 2007)
  • The Doric String Quartett (violoncello)
  • Hohenstaufen-Quartet(violoncello)
  • The David Trio (violoncello)
  • The Amaryllis Quartet (viola)
  • Bohéme Quartett (Viola)
  • Ariel Quartet (Va)
  • Tammuz Klavierquartett (viola)
  • Trio Mirabeau (viola)
  • Cello Octet Amsterdam
  • Cuarteto Rotterdam (violin)
  • Quartetto Giocoso (violin)
  • The Hamburg Klassik Philharmonic (solo cello)
  • Duo Sarasate (violoncello)
  • The Cello Projekt (violoncello)
  • The Bremer Kaffeehaus Orchestra (violin)
  • The Rosenbusch Quartet (viola)
  • Heath Quartet
  • The Covent Garden String Consort (violoncello)
  • The Southbank Sinfonia (violoncello)
  • The Hohenstaufen Chamber Music Festival (viola)
  • The Verbier Festival
  • The Danish Chamber Music Festival 2008 (viola)
  • Chamber Music Festival Lockhaus 2009

Naturally, my instruments are also played by professors, teachers and students at music academies and are also appreciated by many an ambitious non-professional, as well.

If you would like to get to know one of my instruments, we will gladly give you the location of a "reference instrument" near you, one you can examine and listen to. In addition you can sign up here for further information.