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  • We would like to familiarize you with violin building on these pages. This pertains to the new construction and restoration of string instruments and their bows
  • First of all, a small definition of the term violin building: Whereas German violin builders called themselves violin, lute and viola builders in the past, the term Geigenbau, or violin building, has since established itself in German-speaking regions. The expression violin building is also used when applied to cello and viola building as these instruments also belong to the violin family
  • By clicking on the following images, you will be directed to the corresponding information about new violin construction and repair

Link to our violin building themes new construction, repair, bows This is how one repairs a defective head plate in violin building This is how a scroll is shafted How a violin is constructed Experience violin building in our workshop

  • Admire the diversity of our profession. If you have any questions about our work, feel free to ask them at our ad-free and professionally moderated forum!
  • If you would like to know which professional musicians play our instruments, have a look at our instruments link
  • You will find abundant information about violin building at our website
  • You can watch a slide show about how the violin builder constructs a new violin and cello. You can also find information about Uilderks instruments, of course, these becoming ever more popular with successful, first class musicians
  • Being that descriptions of our beautiful instruments are only part of the story, we also invite you to visit the concerts menu item, where references to concert events from practically all over the world will give you a general idea about the one-of-a-kind quality our instruments are known for
  • Should attending such a concert not be immediately possible for you, click on our audio samples link to hear recordings of Uilderks violins, violas and cellos there. Compositions by Piazolla, Verdi and Brahms are available, among others (these are CD samples)

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Among other things on our website... You will find:

  • Our moderated forum , the place where you will receive qualified answers to any questions you have about violin building, usually on the very same day
  • In the new gallery you can view interesting, annotated photos covering a violin builders daily routine
  • Workshop shows you our violin workshop, describes my professional background and our philosophy, as well as how we define our work as a company With the submenu you will find a wide variety of detailed and descriptive photographs
  • Elaborate violin repair, the fitting a bridge, the cleaning of varnish and peg care
  • The work steps and projects involved in new violin construction,
  • The illustrated description of a bow rehairing as well as
  • The repair of a head plate
  • The making of a violin with many interessting photos, our 
  • FAQ area, which is continually expanded, as well as 
  • Classified ad section has been considerably improved, ads are first checked by our editorial staff und your email address remains protected from spam
  • Instruments is a presentation of the preferred instruments we build. In addition you will find here an initial listing of where our violins, violas and cellos have been played. New and under construction is a 
  • Dictionary of violin building technical terminology