Joseph Guarneri del Gesú

In our opinion, this violin is modeled on one of the most beautiful violins ever produced. It is a copy of the so-called Ex Kochanski by Joseph Guarneri del Gesu from the year 1741

The design is ingenious with an elegant outline and free formed f-holes and a very accurate scroll. Words cannot do justice to it. Let the pictures take hold of you.

Violin Joseph Guarneri del Gesú ex Kochansky 1741

Back of a Guarneri del Gesú

The back is made of a single piece of beautiful moir maple:

Guarneri Detail of back

The f-holes

Guarneri F-holes

Guarneri scroll

And finally, the scroll.

If you are interested in getting to know such an instrument, we can provide you with an address of a client who plays one of our Guarneri instruments. Please fill out the contact formular.