Violin Making

Violin making is a craft that is officially listed with the Registery of Qualified Craftsmen. The training lasts for three years and can be completed at the following schools: Or this training can also be offered by local violin master builders. Over a period of three years, knowledge will be acquired which can be utilized in violin building or repair. Prerequisites for the profession of violin builder are high manual skills, a sense for music, creativity, patience and idealism. Anyone who decides to become a violin builder should also be able to master the playing of a string instrument, not only to check the quality of his or her own work, but to also better understand the musicians wishes. The violin builder works in the same artisan tradition as his predecessors 200 years ago did. Machine-made instruments do not belong to this tradition and are more the exception, at the most acceptable as beginner instruments produced by larger companies. Highly-complicated repair work is also common in violin building. A violin builder can be called upon to restore a 100-year-old instrument to concert performance condition.