The length of training to become a violin builder is equal to that of regular technical training. A three-year apprenticeship is required. During this time, the basic skills are learned, as well as the knowledge of building new violins and carrying out standard repairs. As the work of a violin builder is complex and versatile, three years will not suffice to learn all aspects of violin building. Further training for journey-level status is necessary to deepen and complete the acquired knowledge. Besides the construction of new string instruments, complex and intricate restoration methods must be learned to retain the value of instruments that could cost millions or to retain the original state of old master instruments and all of their functions. Training is provided by local master violin builders or at schools for violin building.

The Mittenwald Violin Building School

Course of Studies at Markneukirchen Musical Instrument Building

Brienz Violin Building School

Cremona Violin Building School

Newark College Violin Building School

Amerika Violin Building School