Joseph Guarneri

Joseph Guarnerius Filius Andreae, whose full name was Guiseppe Giovan Battista, was the second son and a student of Andrea Guarneri. He worked in Cremona, was born in 1666 and died in 1739.

He was also known as the King of Varnish because the red to gold-brown varnish that he produced was of a particular transparency and beauty.

The original is in the possession of Prof. Wolfang Boettcher. The work on these pages is still in progress!

Here are the measurements:

Belly length: 73,2 cm

Width above: 35,3 cm

Middle: 24,3 cm

Below: 43,3 cm

Joseph Guarnerius Filius Andreae

A facsimile of the cello

Belly, Josef Guarneri

Belly, Josef Guarneri Kopie

Back, Joseph Guarnerius Filius Andreae

Back, Josef Guarneri

Detail of the back, Joseph Guarnerius Filius Andreae

Detail of the back

The cello's scroll

The scroll

The scroll from behind

And once again...

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