Petrus Guarneri

Petrus Guarneri

Petrus Guranerius was born in Cremona in 1695 as the son of Joseph. He worked with his uncle Petrus in Mantua from 1725-1739. Thereafter he worked until 1762 in Venice.

He is especially well-known for his beautiful cellos.

Our version of the "Petrus Guarneri" is an absolute favorite. Its beautiful sound and resonance amazes cellists and has also gained for them many prizes.


Faksimile Zettel Petrus Guarnerius

Our model of a Petrus Guarneri from 1739 comes very close to the ideal cello. It has a profound, voluminous bass as well as a transparent and assertive pitch with a perfect balance that gives the musician unlimited possibilities for interpretation. You can listen to this cello at our audio samples link.
This is what it looks like:

Geigenbaumeister Uilderks Cello Petrus Guranerius

Belly of a Petrus Guarnerius cello by violin master builder H.-H.Uilderks

Owner, Prof. Eckart Runge

Boden und Zargen Cello Petrus Guranerius Geigenbau H.-H.Uilderks

The instruments has the following measurements:

  • Body length: 74,3 cm
  • Width below: 45,5 cm
  • Above: 35,6 cm
  • Middle: 25,3 cm


  • Hals : 28cm
  • Belly: 40cm

Listen to the Cello Projects new CD on which this instrument can be heard:

The cello tango CD can be purchased here it is a must for every cello enthusiast!


Jalousie Eckart Runge Cello Jaques Ammon

El choclo

El Día En Que Me Quieras


From the latest CD of the Celloproject Russian Soul, on which the cello can be heard.

Nicolai Kapustin :

Kapustin - Sonata No. 2, Op. 84, 1. Satz

Sonata No. 2, Op. 84, 3. Satz

Sergei Rachmaninoff:



Kapustin Burlesque

Stutschewsky - "Freilachs"

Joachim Stutschewsky (1891 - 1982), Freilachs John Myerscough - Cello, Jascha Nemtsov - Piano

John Myerscough plays a cello by Haat-Hedlef Uilderks after Petrus Guarnerius.

Play It Again by Trío Arbós

Trío Arbós. Kenji Bunch: Slow Dance

José Miguel Gómez plays a cello by Haat-Hedlef Uilderks from 2010