Matteo Goffriller

Matteo Goffriller

In the gallery you can view a picture of the original. It is very large and is one of the few instruments of this master that wasnt scaled down.

Mateo Goffriller

Here are the measurements:

Belly length: 77,9 cm!


Below: 47,5 cm

Above: 38,9 cm

Middle: 26,5 cm


Neck: 29,4 cm!

Belly: 42,6 cm!

This instrument is considerably larger than a normal 4/4 cello!

These pages are under construction!

Cello based on Matteo Goffriller 2019

On the following pictures you can see a cello with a "normal" mensur  based on Matteo Goffriller finished in 2019.

If you are interested in a very beautiful cello, please contact us to make an appointment for a try-out.

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